y o g a

r e t r e a t s  - ( Re) Conectar -

 Retreats from 1 to 5 days where we will go off autopilot, you will be able to count on all the support and guidance for an internal dive through each layer of your being through contact with the nature of the being, the nature that surrounds us and with ancient techniques of Yoga. 

 Yoga- Active Meditation- Healing nutrition and much more.

w o r k s h o p     p l a n t    b a s e d 

A workshop lasting about 4 hours where together we will prepare a menu designed and guided by me. In the end, we will enjoy the meal that we prepared together and I will give you all the tips and information about a 100% vegetable diet.

You'll get 50% off the Command your Life E-book where you'll find a complete Getting Started guide to Plant based nutrition, over 50 recipes and much, much more!

o n l i n e  c l a s s

In live digital format, from yours to my kitchen, we will explore the world of natural and plant gastronomy.

t h e r a p i e s 

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