H Ú M M U S   

Today I come to leave you some humus recipes. 

A great snack accompanied by raw vegetable sticks (carrots, beets, cucumbers) or to accompany a meal. 

For baby and/or for you

-vegan - gluten free - sugar free 

Chickpea Humus (Base)


cooked chickpeas -250 gr

lemon juice (medium) 

tahini - sesame seed paste - 2 tbs

garlic -2  cloves

turmeric & black pepper from Iswari -1 tbs

extra virgin olive oil



(Add to chickpea base recipe) 

Beet Humus (1 raw) 

Purple Cabbage Humus (1/3)

Basil Humus, Sun-dried Tomato and Hemp Seeds from Iswari. (1 hand of basil leaves, about 5 sun-dried tomatoes and topping put the seeds). You can add coconut milk instead of olive oil

You can add to the base recipe: a roasted red pepper; an avocado and basil leaves; 1 baked sweet potato


Process all ingredients (blender / blender) . 

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