the beauty is in the reality that surrounds us at every moment

Maybe only 30% of what I teach and apply to my students and clients respectively, was taught to me in some kind of training. But the truth is that without them my journey here would certainly not have been possible. Each choice and each step lead us to this moment, when I write to you and you read me.

Because formations give us the way and then we may or may not walk, trip and stand on it. I started my studies in Arts, where it became a dream to enter the best fashion design school in the country. Dream granted and abandoned. My projection of what it would be like to study and work in this area very quickly dropped and I ended up completely changing my area and graduating at the Portuguese Institute of Naturology. This was a period where I worked day, studied at night and worked at dawn in all kinds of events in Porto. There were days and nights when there was often no time to sleep... I had turned my life into an authentic frenzy, which captivated me more and more and at the same time left me further and further away from myself.

The emptiness was such, an incessant search to fill an internal emptiness...people, events, work, shopping, tobacco, relationships. When I was 20 years old, I decided to take a backpack and travel alone in Brazil, a trip that would take 1 month and turned into practically two years. what I had accumulated over the years to the point where I had all my belongings in my suitcase. The challenges got bigger and bigger and getting out of the comfort zone was the big turning point for me. Challenges that went far beyond the physical obstacles in postures that until then could not even reach the ground with your fingers... went far beyond every pranayama that tried to unclog lungs full of tobacco addictions... between living in the woods with spiders the size of one hand when in Portugal I couldn't even see the 1 cm... to spend the first periods without food, to sleep without a roof in a totally unknown country. as it had never before achieved.

There I got married and brought my daughter Noá Zaya, the result of an abusive and almost deadly relationship for both. Back in Portugal and scared to have a child in her arms alone, I spent the first 5 months of her life working in a store.. until the day came when I realized it wasn't what I wanted for our lives.

I decided to leave this job and the "security" of a house and an entire apparent structure that our hometown offered and with it the most irrefutable job offers. And there we went, from the remote Ilha das Flores, north to south from the continent where together we were giving yoga classes, vegan food workshops and massages. We also spent a season in India, there were months in which comfort was also on the side..waking up before sunrise, sleeping on the floor and bathing in water cold were part of our daily life.Before the trip to India I launched the first digital book "Commanda a Tua Vida" where I share a little more of my journey, knowledge in yoga, healthy eating and much more. Being at selfless service, embracing motherhood 24 hours a day has been my sadhana during these last three years. Months and months without a good night's sleep, where you have to be the key, the movement and the lock of a house, a house with a lap that must always be stable and safe, a c The one that has to provide the roof, the food, the hug and the education, the lap that holds the pot that is boiling, holds the cry of a baby and a pile of clothes to be spread. It was learning to love in the midst of true chaos, at dawn when you wake up with nice butts right in the middle of your nose (go, sometimes it's your teeth too, I honestly don't know how firm and strong they are still here), where silence only exists in the immensity of a few short hours where everything ran out...Learning to breathe in moments when everything falls apart and there are no beams to hold the walls of a life that has become a fusion, this was undoubtedly one of the greatest learnings of the last years old.

Where you wake up, take a shower, physiological needs, work, fall asleep in constant fusion and that you question so many times... where is only my heart. It was taking care of a baby and later a child and teaching at the same time...a real roller coaster... It was starting to give yoga classes and seeing Noá pulling the pants for the students. Running away from classes and sometimes just standing there and giving them affection.

The MãeGuru project arose from the need to have a platform where I could share about yoga, natural and plant food and conscious education, as a guru is the one who teaches, who takes out of the darkness and motherhood was and is undoubtedly the greatest tool of self. knowledge, just as I teach, I learn and together we grow.

During these last 5 years my daughter and yoga showed me how we can go beyond our limits, be they physical or mental... the inner strength we have inside each one... so great and so transformative. I serve these last 4 years of my life, my daughter, to periods of fasting, meditation and celibacy and how funny it is to see how everything changes... beat her and thought she would change her way of being in life. This year, nomadism took a break, or maybe even a stop. The need to re-create a solid structure at all levels arrived. Today we have a home again, Noá spends a few hours a day in a kindergarten and I am rediscovering myself how to be without this 24/7 service, rediscovering myself as a woman and mother. This is a project that inspires thousands of people and many mothers in your path of self-knowledge through a more conscious education because I believe that the future is in education and in the cure and requalification of our own education.


  • Instituto Português de Naturologia - Spa Techniques and Traditional Chinese Medicine (Swedish Massage, Sports, Lymphatic Drainage, Tui-Na, Geothermal, Auriculotherapy, Reflexology) - 2014

  • "O Pequeno Buda" , Meditation for children w/ Prof. Tomás de Mello Breyner - 2017

  • Meditation Training Level I w/ Prof. Miguel Correia e Margarida Cardoso - 2017

  • Reiki level I - Sónia Marinheiro- 2017

  • Yoga Training  200 H - Centro Vaidika -2017

  • Intensive Yoga in Life w/ Prof. Pedro Kupfer - 2017

  • Workshop Thai Massage Techniques - (Portimão) - 2018
  • Workshop Yoga and spine - Índia (Auroville)- 2019
  • Yoga Training 300H w/ Prof.Carlo Guaragna 2019/2020

Ongoing trainings:

- Eu "Ilimitado" by Prof.Pedro Kupfer.

- Queijos e laticínios vegetais by KombiCura.

The greatest formation was and is Life itself.