p r o t e c t        t h e     o c e a n


Waiting for the big wave show time 🌊
And talking about our dear ocean, I m wearing plastic trash from our portuguese coast and you have to know this amazing eco-vegan brand 🌍 @zouriveganshoes ( this is not a sponsored post)
Every year ,over 22 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean.
They managed to get a group of volunteers from local institutions, NGOs and schools to help them clean our coast.
As a result, this year @zouriveganshoes removed 1 ton of plastic from our beaches.
Besides, all the products are made fairly and ethically in the heart of Portugal, Guimarães .
Over the last two years, Zouri worked and researched for the best eco-friendly and vegan materials. The plastic trash is being transformed into raw material, mixed with natural materials like: organic cotton, natural rubber and pineapple leaves fabricThank you for your amazing project @zouriveganshoes
Yes, we can save your oceans, yes we can save our earth
Step by step in every daily choice 🌍