C O C O A  R A W  P I E ✨



medjool dates - 300gr

walnuts/almonds or cashews -3 hands

coconut oul- 2 tbs


2 avocados (ripe) - or 1 avocado and 1 very ripe banana 

cocoa powder or mixture from Iswari Maccacino -3 tbs

dates -100gr 

coconut oil-1 tbs

chia seeds-1 tbs

 pink salt - 1 pinch


Add the base ingredients and process them with the help of a magic wand/blender.

Place the preparation in a mold and knead well with the help of a spoon and take it to the fridge/freezer;

 Grind the filling ingredients, place on top of the base and place in the fridge or freezer if you want a harder texture.

 Give your imagination free rein and create a beautiful mandala with seasonal fruits and grated coconut ✨