B A N A N A   P A N C A K E S

Today I come to leave you a suggestion for a great breakfast/snack for baby and/or for you

 ...a tower of absolute sinless pleasure

♡ vegan ♡ gluten free ♡ sugar free


ripe bananas -3 

nuts or a dried fruit of your choice - 1 hand

oat flakes -8 tbs 

almond or corn flour - 3 tbs 

vegetable milk (almond/coconut/rice) until the desired consistency is obtained 

cinnamon powder - 1 tbs 

pinch of pink salt 


cocaoa / spirulina / matcha / açaí (powder)-1 tbs

peanut butter / cashew / almond


Process all ingredients (blender / blender) until you get a homogeneous mass and very consistent; 

Heat a non-stick skillet and add 1 cc of coconut oil; 

Place a tablespoon filled with the dough and wait about 2 minutes; 

When you stir the pan and the pancake slides, turn it to the other side.


peanut butter sauce 

peanut butter -1 tbs 

date syrup -2tbs 

vegetable milk cocoa sauce 

cocoa powder -1 tbs

date syrup -2 tbs 

vegetable milk

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"Feed your body and spirit with good food and thoughts "