H E M P   P E S T O 🌱

Today I come to leave you my version of pesto. Incredible to spread on a sweet potato toast, stuffing grilled eggplant strips or as an accompaniment to your meal.

vegan -gluten free -sugar free 


basil or parsley -3 hands

spinach -3 hands

lemon juice (medium) 

garlic -1 clove

hemp seeds -1 tablespoon - optional

sunflower seeds / cashews or walnuts -1 hand

Suggestion: lightly toast the dried fruit before crushing 

extra virgin olive oil 

 black pepper 

pink salt 

 nutritional yeast- 1 tablespoon


Process all the ingredients ( blender) and if necessary add a little water or vegetable milk of your choice (no sugar).


"Feed your body and spirit with good food and thoughts"